Piet J.G. Schreurs

Piet Schreurs is associate professor* in micromechanics. He has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering and received his PhD degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1983 for a thesis "Numerical Simulation of Forming Processes", using the Arbitrary-Eulerian-Lagrangian (AEL) technology in the Finite Element Method.
In 1984 he joined the department of Computational and Experimental Mechanics. His activities include lecturing in continuum mechanics and fracture mechanics. Current research is focussed on the (micro-)mechanical modelling of material behaviour and structural interfaces.
He is the co-author of 60 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has been "co-promotor" in 15 Ph.D. research projects.

* In The Netherlands an associate professor is called an universitair hoofddocent (UHD).

dr. ir. P.J. Schreurs can be reached at:

dr. ir. P.J. Schreurs,
Eindhoven University of Technology,
WH 4.129,
PO Box 513,
5600 MB Eindhoven.
Tel. +31 40 247 2778

or by e-mail: p.j.g.schreurs@tue.nl