Dutch Society of Rheology

Dutch Society of Rheology

Nederlandse reologische vereniging



The current board strives to have annual meetings and the most recent meeting was February 7, in Wageningen and the programme can be downloaded here. Also frequently a meeting is organized together with the Belgium Society of Rheology. Hotel New York in Rotterdam has been the designated  venue with good reachability from the Netherlands and Belgium. The last combined meeting was March 11, 2015 and the programme can be downloaded here.


Between 1993 and 2002 the society was very active with biannual meetings with venues across the Netherlands. Topics dealt with can be found in the subjects of the most recent biannual meetings:


  • Rheology of Dispersions (Geleen, DSM, 17 April 2002)
  • Advances in Polymer Rheology (Solvay, Neder-over-Heembeek, 12 November 2001 )
  • Rheology of Networks (Delft, Delft University of Technology, 4 April 2000)
  • Numerical Methods in Micro Rheological Modeling (Enschede, University of Twente, 21 October 1999)
  • Rheology of Biopolymers (Ede, NIZO food research institute, 22 October 1998)
  • Highlights in Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (Eindhoven, TUE, 22 april 1998)
  • Industrial Applications of Rheology (Amsterdam, Shell Research and Technology Center, 12 november 1997)
  • Simulations in Rheology (Delft, TUD, 23 April 1997)
  • Rheology of Blends (Geleen, DSM Research, 23 October 1996)
  • Rheology of Colloidal Solutions (Enschede, UT, 24 April 1996)
  • Solid State Rheology (Arnhem, Akzo-Nobel, 20 October 1995)
  • Relation Microstructure-Rheology for Complex Materials (Eindhoven, TUE, 16 May 1995, combined meeting with BGR, the Belgian Society of Rheology)
  • Theoretical Rheology (Cambridge, 19 October 1993, combined meeting with the BSR, the British Society of Rheology)
  • Rheology and Processing: Prediction of Product Properties (Rhenen, 18 May 1993)


Other meeting topics: Polymeric Melts and Solutions, Numerical Simulations, Suspensions and Emulsions, Composite Materials: Cement and Concrete, Food Applications, Biological Materials, Tribology, Experimental Rheology and Elongational Flows.