Software + Manual

In Chapters 14 to 18 of the book, use is made of the finite element package: mlfem_nac.
This package is a free downloadable code written in MATLABŪ.
To use this code a licence of MatlabŪ is required (See links for software).
Several exercises require MATLABŪ code that has to be written by the students.

Answers to the exercises

To download the answers to the exercises given in the book at the end of each chapter press: answers


To download the software press: mlfem_nac
To download the software manual press: manual

About the image to the right

The image depicts the results of a simulation that was performed with mlfem_nac. It was meant to show that in soft tissues near bony prominences, the highest maximum shear stress as a result of some external load usually is found in deeper tissue layers. A linear elastic, plane strain element was used. The top image shows the deformed mesh. The colored image gives regions of maximum shear strain intervals. The model had three layers with different material properties representing skin, adipose tissue and muscle. The simulation was part of pressure ulcer research at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Extra Exercises

The authors are using the book in their own curriculum and will continuously develop new exercises for the students. These exercises can be downloaded with the following link: Download extra exercises

Important Links

Information on the licence for MATLABŪ can be obtained from The MathWorks

To uncompress the files from mlfem_nac the program WinZip should be used.

The downloadable documents are in PDF format. For this the Acrobat reader is required.